Book Review – The Thirteenth Horse

The Thirteenth Horse by Amanda Wills
Review by Kate Gordon

This is the first Amanda Wills book I have read and it certainly won’t be the last. The
Thirteenth Horse is everything I wanted in a pony story.

Kristy is just like so many of us – all she wants is a pony to love, but her family simply can’t
afford the luxury of buying her one, let alone regular riding lessons. Kristy’s determination to
work hard for her dream is what makes this story for me.

She has problems, for sure, after her discovery of Cassius, the Percheron, in the far paddock,
and she doesn’t know how she’s going to solve them, but she keeps trying until she succeeds.

I really enjoyed the other riding school characters, who were initially so rude, but became
good friends – I can relate to it all.

A thoroughly enjoyable story and one I’m sure I’l read again and again.

Now to go and buy some other Amanda Wills books 🙂

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